Other places to find legal help and information:

Free legal information resources in Massachusetts

  • MassLegalHelpwww.masslegalhelp.org was put together by Massachusetts legal aid programs to help you find practical information about your legal rights in Massachusetts. It includes information about many areas, including housing, evictions, divorce, family law, child support, debt collection, bankruptcy, SSI, food stamps, domestic violence, and criminal records.
  • Trial Court websitewww.mass.gov/courts/selfhelp/ is the Massachusetts Trial Court’s website.  In addition to legal information about many areas, including housing, family law, small claims and traffic and ticket offenses, it includes information about court forms, court house locations and hours.
  • Ask a Law Librarian is a free service from the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Library.  You can get help finding legal resources by contacting the librarians via text, chat, instant message, email, phone or visiting a library.

Free civil (non criminal) legal Help or representation:

  • Legal Aid Programs:  Depending on your income, legal problem and where you live, you may be eligible for a free legal advocate from a civil legal aid program.  Use the Massachusetts Legal Resource Finder, www.masslrf.org, to see if you are eligible for this type of help.  In most cases, you can only get help from a legal aid program if you are low income or age 60 or older. 
  • Lawyer for the Day Programs: Depending on your income, legal problem, and what court your case is in, there may be a Lawyer for the Day program that can help. Lawyer for the Day programs can help you fill out court forms and give you basic legal information and advice about your case.  Use the Massachusetts Legal Resource Finder, www.masslrf.org, to see if there is a Lawyer for the Day program near you.
  • Massachusetts Bar Association Dial-a-Lawyer: Members of the public can call (617) 338-0610 the first Wednesday of every month between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. with their legal questions. Volunteer lawyers will answer questions and provide information. https://www.massbar.org/for-the-public/need-a-lawyer/dial-a-lawyer
  • Veteran/Active Duty Military Legal Resources

    ABA Home Front
    ABA Home Front provides legal information, resources, and a directory of legal programs for veterans, service members, and military families. Programs listed include military legal assistance offices, legal aid and pro bono organizations, lawyer referral and information services, and military-specific programs where available.
    ABA Veterans Claims Assistance Network (“VCAN”)
    ABA VCAN is providing unrepresented veterans in need of assistance preparing initial VA disability benefits claims with the opportunity to work with lawyers who will help the veterans assemble their claim submissions as Fully Developed Claims (FDCs) for expedited rating decisions by the VA - at no cost to the veterans.
    ABA Military Pro Bono Project
    The ABA Military Pro Bono Project accepts case referrals from military attorneys on behalf of junior-enlisted, active-duty military personnel facing civil legal issues, and it works to place these cases with pro bono attorneys

Hiring a lawyer:

  • Lawyer Referal Services connect potential clients with lawyers. You contact the Lawyer Referral Service and give them information about your legal problem. The Lawyer Referral Service will give you contact information for one or more lawyers who might be able to help. Most of the time, you will need to pay if you want to hire the lawyer, although the first meeting is often free or low cost. List of Massachusetts Lawyer Referral Services.

Help with criminal law problems:

  • Court Appointed Lawyer: If you are low income, you may be able to get a free or low cost lawyer appointed for you by the court.  Go to court on your court date and ask for a lawyer. The court will look at your income and other resources to see if you qualify. 
  • Hire a laywer: If you cannot get a free lawyer, you may need to hire one.  See the information above about hiring a lawyer.

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